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Not Just A Game


In this exhilarating tour of the good, the bad, and the ugly of American sports culture, iconoclastic cultural historian and Nation magazine writer Dave Zirin argues that American sports are about a lot more than just fun and games. Exploding the myth that the world of sports somehow stands outside the world of politics and ideology, Zirin shows how American sports culture has long been a haven for the most reactionary attitudes and ideas, promoting everything from nationalism and militarism to sexism, racism, and homophobia. At the same time, he identifies an equally strong countercurrent, a history of rebel athletes whose high-profile resistance to jingoistic patriotism, heterosexist masculine authority, white male privilege, and other forms of bullying have reverberated beyond the field of play. 

52 minutes and 62 minutes

Directed by Jeremy Earp 
Written by Dave Zirin, Jeremy Earp & Chris Boulton 
Produced by Chris Boulton, Jeremy Earp, Scott Morris & Jason Young 
Editor: Jason Young 
Story Editor: Scott Morris 
Executive Producer: Sut Jhally 
Director of Photography: Tom Robertson 
Associate Producers: Loretta Alper, Andrew Killoy & Diane Williams

Distributed by George Matta

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